Free Month of Muzzy Language Learning for Kids


According to renowned linguist Noam Chomsky, children have an innate knowledge of certain principles that allow them to develop the grammar of any language spoken around them. This predisposition is stronger the younger they are and has been measured by the presence of myelin, essential to the function of neural pathways, in the left brain that's commonly accepted to be the language center. The variances found in young subjects' language abilities and not in their myelin levels indicate that it is environmental influences responsible for language learning.

Take advantage of the tens of thousands of synaptic connections being forged every day during the infant and toddler years with the world's number one language course for children. This award-winning program has introduced millions of children to a second language through a guided immersion learning portal. Including seven languages, Muzzy offers two levels of language learning through animated story and game. Muzzy includes a recording studio and singalong songs that will make speaking a new language fun. Everything is accessible through enabled devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones, and there are printable activities to take on the go, too.

Give your child the gift of early learning with Muzzy, the language course that will introduce them to reading, writing, understanding, and speaking Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, German, English, Korean or Italian. For only a $1 activation fee, you can get access to Muzzy free for 30 days. Cancel before the trial period expires or continue to make the most of the development years with Muzzy.

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