Save Money Online Shopping by NOT Checking Out

Here's a little tip that might save you big when you're online shopping and aren't in a hurry to get your items. Shop to your hearts content at your favorite stores online and make sure to add the items you want to your shopping cart. Then when it comes time to check out, DON'T!

A lot of online retailers track when you place items in your shopping cart and they know when you don't finalize your purchase. They know you are on the fence but didn't pull the trigger to make the purchase for one reason or another. Sometimes they will send you an email or target you with ads for the very same items you almost purchased and they'll give you a discount to make you take the plunge. It might help if you're logged in to your account with the merchant as well, so they know who to email deals to.

TLDR; Fill your online shopping cart, do not check out, wait a few days for targeted ads with discounts.

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