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Moms often rely on their pediatricians to guide them through important choices concerning their baby's care -- especially during the first year when doctor visits happen so regularly. Pediatricians are a very special group of doctors who could recommend any formula brand: Gerber, Similac or even another. The fact that Enfamil is recommended most by pediatricians means a lot -- and certainly can help you feel secure choosing Enfamil. Among the top reasons for recommending Enfamil, pediatricians say it's a brand that they trust and that it supports mental development.

With so many doctors recommending Enfamil, it's not surprising that it's used in over 80% of U.S. hospitals where babies are born. So there's a good chance Enfamil was a trusted source of nutrition in the hospital where you gave birth. That means obstetricians, nurses and pediatricians feel good about giving Enfamil formulas to babies right from the start. Enfamil even has preterm formulas to promote growth in premature babies while they're in the NICU -- and once they're released from the hospital.

Belly Badges are stickers that you place on your baby's onesie to share special moments and milestones with friends and family. When you join Enfamil Family Beginnings, you'll be mailed Belly Badges right away!

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