Migun Coesam Anti-Scar Cream


Migun offers the most interesting alternative health products on the market today, products that combine Eastern medicine with Western technology. Register for email updates at their website and you will receive a free sample of Coesam Cream.

Coesam Cream is specially designed for all types of skins, to prevent and attenuate expression lines, spots, scars and premature aging. It has been formulated on the basis of three active and beneficial ingredients -- Snail Secretion, Organic Rose Hip Oil & Coenzyme.

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  • By: AmandaB

    "Snails have been used for a long time in gastronomy, being a delicious and sophisticated meal. The growers of Snails realized that the healing of small cuts on their hands was very fast and did not leave any marks behind. This effect was attributed to the extraordinary healing properties of the Snail Secretion, which is produced by these animals to cure their own skin and to repair their shell when it broke.

    * No snails were harmed while producing this product."

    too funny!

    I ordered some :)