Free Aquapower Sample from Biotherm Homme


It was 1935 when a dermatologist discovered that the Pyrenees spring water and its Thermal Plankton components shared many elements with the composition of skin. Today, Biotherm uses the power of Thermal Plankton to aid skin in looking younger and feeling softer.

Women aren't the only ones whose appearance is under scrutiny. Appearing youthful and invigorated is much more likely to get you promoted at work than looking tired and old will. Beards may be "in" but men and women find soft, smooth skin more attractive than a weathered, rough texture.

Biotherm has been empowering men to look and feel their best since they released their first Biotherm Homme product in 1985. The first Aquapower ultra moisturizing oligo-thermal gel for men was introduced in 2002 and continues to be their best-selling product. Each product recognizes that men's skin tends to be greasier, rougher, and thicker than their female counterparts' and is specifically balanced to help men maintain healthy moisture levels for healthy, firm, and smooth skin.

The Aquapower line now includes eye hydrator, gel, and cleanser so that a man's whole skincare regimen can be managed by Biotherm. Scroll down to the "Get Your Free Sample of Aquapower" message and tick a box to register for a free sample by mail.

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