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Books have an unparalleled ability to transport us somewhere else using the power of imagination. Unlike in film or television, we're left to visualize the characters and settings on our own, making each story our own. With, talented narrators will guide you through journeys of fiction, biography, history, and more.

A division of, has the widest selection of digital audiobooks available for download. Experience the Audible listener plan and pay nothing for 30 days. Choose from over 100,000 titles including best-sellers like the Twilight series, Dan Brown thrillers, historical novels, and much more. Listen to your books while driving, walking to work, running at the gym, or any other time you can lend an ear. It's a must-have for all commuters and offers a free audio book plus 30% off additional books for $14.95 a month.

Enrich your daily activities with over 180,000 audio books at your fingertips. The Audible app is free through the Google Play store and automatically loads a 30-day free trial of the monthly plan as well as a free audiobook download through the link below. Cancel membership before the trial period expires to pay nothing or continue to enrich your day with Audible titles.

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