Win a $2,000 IKEA Gift Card from Win Now Prizes


For over fifty years, IKEA has built their brand reputation to reflect values in line with their customers' wants and needs. By providing a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishings that are affordable, they hope that IKEA shoppers see their store as their partner in better living.

Despite a strong market position, it's still IKEA's job to provide innovative home solutions for current customers and inspire new customers to come to their stores. Shoppers will find extensive options in store that appeal to a broad range of taste while remaining functional. Favoring modernity over trend, the pieces in stock won't go out of style and will often offer a variety of practical uses in any space. In advertising, IKEA appeals to humor to bring new customers into their store. Once there, it becomes an outing the whole family can enjoy that may even include a highly affordable family meal.

For your chance to revitalize your living space with new furniture and decor with an IKEA shopping spree, enter the draw now. Register to win a 21,000 IKEA gift card for free on the Win Now Prizes website.

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