$1,000 Father's Day Cash Giveaway


The roots of the holiday now known as Mother's Day date back to the mid 19th century, when several women's movements were initiated to promote their roles in creating a healthier society and to assert their right to vote. Once it started became a nationally recognized holiday in the early 1900s, some activists began to push for a day to recognize fathers.

Although the idea of Father's Day was a thoughtful gesture, it wasn't quickly adopted by retailers or by the masses due to period attitudes towards male gender attributes. The idea of men receiving flowers or domestic gifts that mothers would receive in appreciation of their hard was mocked, as the reception of "womanly" or sappy gifts was considered emasculating.

This changed, however, when retailers redoubled their efforts to turn a profit during the slow summer month of June. Instead of the traditional Mother's Day gifts like flowers and aprons, Father's Day marked a chance to give manly gifts men only usually received on their birthdays. Neckties, shaving kits, hats, socks, pipes and tobacco, golf clubs, and other sporting goods met the standards of being both thoughtful and useful whilst also being manly.

Today, it's a day for moms and kids to show their appreciation to the most important men in their lives, as well as a day for retailers to turn a decent profit. Celebrate the father figure you admire with free entry in the Sweepstakes a Month $1,000 Father's Day Giveaway. Register to win and you could gift dad something extra big and extra special for free this Father's Day.

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