$1,000 Mother's Day Giveaway


The roots of the holiday now known as Mother's Day date back to the mid 19th century, when several women's movements were initiated to promote their roles in creating a healthier society and to assert their right to vote. Today, it's a day to celebrate all of the hard work, big heart, and sacrifice that mothers demonstrate in raising their children and changing the world.

Julia Ward Howe was a poet from Boston who began a mother's day that celebrated women's role in promoting peace. Observed in Boston as well as worldwide, this day acknowledged that making women a part of the political process and at-home decision making would create more harmony and peace between peoples. Anna Jarvis also advocated peace between women on both sides of the civil war, organizing "Mother's Work Days" to improve health and sanitation for both parties. Upon her death, Jarvis' daughter campaigned to memorialize her mother's work and that of all women with a holiday for mothers. In 1914, the Congressional Resolution for Mother's Day was promptly signed by President Woodrow Wilson.

Although women's groups have taken issue with the commercialization of Mother's Day, it does still serve as a valuable reminder to thank moms for all of their hard work. Every year, consumers spend over $18 billion to show mom that she's special.

In many families, the mother is the one who asks if you're contributing to your retirement savings, questions if you can afford a flashy new purchase, and even fronts you some of the cash for a down payment on an investment property. Celebrate your fiscally savvy mom with free entry in the Sweepstakes a Month $1,000 Mother's Day Giveaway. Register to win and you could gift mom something extra big and extra special for free this Mother's Day.

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