Loot Pets Mystery Crates for Geeks & Their Dogs


Because our pets are so precious, owners love to spoil them with adventures in the park, gourmet treats, and even chic little outfits. At Loot Crate, they recognize that just like there's every kind of dog, there's also every kind of dog owner. Only geeks need apply for their curated boxes featuring classic arcade, comic, and sci-fi-themed toys for dogs and the humans that love them.

Maybe you've always wanted your own Multipass to flash around like Mila Jovovich in The Fifth Element or sunglasses built from Tetris pieces. Just because you're coveting a Star Trek The Next Generation uniform jacket or a Daryl Dixon action figure doesn't mean that your pooch shouldn't get a treat, too. At Loot Crate, they're packing up gear from top gaming and entertainment franchises along with dog treats and toys. One box could feature a collapsible Captain America dog dish and a Battlestar Galactica dog frisbee for your pooch and an X-Files t-shirt for you.

Treat everyone in your geeky household to awesome loot with the monthly Loot Crate box. Each box contains loot valued at $50 or more and they start at just $17.99 a month plus shipping. The more months you buy in advance, the more you save. Order your first box of awesome apparel, accessories, treats, and toys now.

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