24/7 Doctor Access by Phone at HealtheMD


The average wait for a doctor's appointment is three days, with a single trip costing you up to four hours of personal time you could be using to spend time with family, run errands, or just rest up and get better. HealtheMD lets you skip hospital wait times while benefiting from experienced doctors' opinions. Starting at only $9.99 a month, you and your family will have access to quality health care over the phone 24/7.

HealtheMD offers alternative health care for those who can't afford health insurance. Rather than waiting for hours to see a doctor only to be instructed to drink fluids and rest, you can screen the seriousness of issues like sinus problems, flu, allergies, headaches, and other common complaints quickly and easily. You can usually talk to a doctor within 14 minutes and 92% of HealtheMD members resolved their issues in one call. Their doctors can prescribe the medication you need to get well and unlike health insurance plans, you won't be penalized for having existing health conditions.

HealtheMD has been helping members stay healthy with access to the Teladoc platform since 2012. Now 20,000 members use the premiere service for fast and affordable health care.

Simply register online and you can consult a doctor online or by phone anytime. Next time you or your child is showing symptoms of illness, skip the high charges and wait times at doctors' offices and clinics. Get instant access to a doctor's advice anytime when you become a member at HealtheMD.

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  • United States


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