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Tai Pei brand products were launched in 1996 under the name brand Tai Pan. With just a few restaurant favorite dishes, Tai Pei was the first Asian brand to appear on store shelves, setting the standard for quality frozen Asian food. Today, they offer single-serve, takeout-style entrees, an assortment of great Asian appetizers and a full line of family-sized products.

Tai Pei brand frozen Asian food is the perfect choice for meals, snacks and get-togethers. They offer only the best for you and your family. Their signature takeout-style box offers a fun and memorable eating experience, while delivering great tasting food at an excellent value.

New from Tai Pei is the Tai Pei Asian Garden Entree line. Available in eight restaurant-inspired flavors, Tai Pei hopes that their single meals will provide you with the perfect balance between nourishment and fulfillment.

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