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The Internet has changed the speed of business, crossing borders, delivering information, and giving consumers more choices than ever. At Point Club, it's their mission to learn from your consumer habits so that companies can provide better services and products. For every survey you take, you'll earn points redeemable for gift cards. In addition to paid surveys, they're also hard at work making new ways for you to earn points like playing games online.

Every decision you make is important to companies who want your business. Whether you're influenced to buy based on an ad you saw, a recommendation from a friend, or because of a sale, companies are trying to track these activities in order to better reach you. They could discover whole new demographics, sources of promotion they didn't know existed, and meaningful trends.

Sharing your thoughts with your friends, family, and colleagues is fun, but it doesn't often result in changes to products and services. Clients are waiting to hear your opinions about how you shop when you shop, and where you choose to shop. Once you rack up enough points, you can cash out by selecting 1 of 80 gift cards. Sign up to take free surveys and get paid with Point Club and you'll earn up to 2,000 points just for registering.

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