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There was a time when it was simply assumed that a married woman would stay home with her baby and commit herself full-time to raising a family. In 1967, almost half of mothers with working husbands were staying home, a number which had dropped below 25% by the 1980s. Now that women have more options than ever and the job market is increasingly poor, there's a growing trend towards moms staying at home again.

Women are working hard to "have it all," pursuing their career goals while tending to their families' needs. Others have shrugged off the labors of commuting, missing out on kids' recitals and sports games, and being distracted by staying home.

If you can apply the same work ethic, organizational skills, and creativity that you demonstrate in raising your family to working for yourself, there's no cap on the money you could be bringing in. Don't waste time getting to work, packing a lunch, or attending dry work events. Spend your spare moments with family and never miss a phone call from school or daycare.

The Moms Business Network is your portal to a successful new you. They're matching stay-at-home moms with the best home-based businesses of 2017. Find your full-time or part-time opportunity through the link.

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