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Over 11 million people subscribe to Maxim magazine in order to get their monthly dose of man-centric entertainment. Although Maxim posters are known to hang on the walls of dorms across America, you might be surprised to learn that over half of their readers have graduated from college or moved on elsewhere. Man or woman, find out what you're missing with a free subscription to Maxim magazine.

Maxim is glossy from cover to cover with photos of beautiful women, slick gadgets, fast cars, sports action, and other male obsessions. In addition to scantily clad cover models and plenty of revealing photo layouts, issues include reviews of the latest movies, CDs, DVDs, and video games. There are articles on how to successfully seduce women, stay in style, and keep up with current trends. There are always celebrity interviews and other regular features include jokes, trivia, a sex column, practical advice, a sports column, and more. Women enjoy Maxim, too; over 20% of their readership is female. Stay up to date on everything Guy with a free subscription to the magazine that's racy, funny, and made for men.

Mercury Magazines offers a large variety of free magazine subscriptions to those who qualify based on their occupation. Everyone who registers through this link can get a free 1-year digital subscription to Maxim magazine. Once you've signed up, see which other magazines you're eligible to receive for free, too.

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