Explore a Recession-Proof Career in Nursing


Nurses are a critical part of modern medicine, promoting health, preventing illness, and taking care of ill, disabled, and dying people. You might be surprised to learn that your personality is better suited to a career in nursing than you thought.

Not every nurse is a Florence Nightingale, selflessly devoting themselves to their patients or a persistently upbeat go-getter with boundless smiles and energy. Nurses are real people with real strengths and weaknesses. Some love nursing because of the excitement and challenge of responding to emergencies and learning new skills. Some love the praise of patients and coworkers or work overtime to mask feelings of insecurity about their skills and are aggressive about getting the job done.

The 440,000 new jobs in the Nursing field that are projected to open up by 2024 present an opportunity for those with an interest in helping others to make a nice living in a job they enjoy. With patients' family members relying on nurses to take care of their loved ones, qualified, capable nurses are well paid and always in demand. Even better, a career in nursing typically offers a flexible schedule and excellent health and child care benefits.

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