Free Math & Science Comic Books for Kids (S&H)


Now that you've cultivated a love of reading in your little loved one by taking the time to read with them, they're ready to read on their own. World Books combine facts and fiction to make reading and learning fun. World Books are also designed for different age groups so that children are reading at their level and can understand the factual content of each topic. Once kids get older, the books grow with them so that they can read on their own.

The World Books Junior Explorers series is crafted for children ages 6 to 8 and is aligned to American curricular standards. Offered in a cool comic book style, the books introduce elementary math and science concepts. They keep it simple but list additional web and print resources so that kids can research in more detail when a topic really interests them.

Junior Explorers covers interesting topics like the circulatory system, force & motion, and gravity. Valued at $12.50, World Explorers wants to send you one of their Junior Explorers books for only the cost of shipping. Return the book within a month, at their expense, if your little one isn't having fun learning about the world with their fantastic publication. Continue receiving two books a month if you've ignited a real passion for learning in your little one. Get your free book from World Books Junior Explorers now.

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