B1G1 Free or $9.95 Kids' Outfit at FabKids


Even the most devoted parents can find themselves pinched for time as they balance a social life, career, chores, and a healthy lifestyle. The latest in celebrity-inspired membership programs, FabKids is Christina Applegate's answer to dressing kids in the styles they love without the stress of shopping.

Whether they're only wearing pants, are obsessed with cows, or refuse to wear pink, every child has preferences about the way that they dress. At FabKids, they respect that kids are real people that can make their own personal style choices. After completing a survey about their favorite accessories, activities, and animals, FabKids assembles a three-piece outfit that will help every child's individual personality shine. Every month, it's up to you and your budding fashion plate to choose whether you'll buy the outfit or wait for the next option. Available in sizes 2 to 8, the price of the three piece outfit remains the same from month to month so that you can budget in advance.

At FabKids, you can get two hip new back to school outfits for only the cost of one. Buy your first FabKids outfit for 50% off the regular price, making only $9.95, or buy one outfit at $19.95 and get the second one for free. Once you redeem your new user offer, you'll also receive a voucher for $10 off your next purchase.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • Canada
  • United States


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