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$250 Smoking Poll Gift Card

Across the nation and across the world, governments are taking steps towards improving public health through anti-smoking initiatives. Share your opinion on smoking laws and by-laws with the National Survey Panel and get rewarded through their gift program.

The first argument for banning smoking in public and work spaces is the proven fact that secondhand smoke causes disease and premature death in nonsmokers. Public spaces should be safe places for everyone and the workplace should make the utmost effort to protect employee health. Studies show that implementing laws against indoor smoking resulted in decreased hospital admissions for heart attacks, strokes, and asthma.

The second positive outcome of smoke-free laws is a reduction in smoking rates among youth and young adults. The Surgeon General's office attributes this to less visibility of role models to smoke, fewer opportunities to smoke alone or with others, and less social acceptability or perceived social advantages for smokers. There's also some proof that smoke-free laws aid in smoking cessation as smokers have fewer opportunities to light up and are faced with fewer reminders of their habit.

The National Survey Panel is gathering opinions about designated smoking areas. As a smoker or a non-smoker, you can share your thoughts about whether they're necessary. Participation is required to get a free $250 gift card from the National Survey Panel.

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  • By: bosslady1983

    I think people still deserve the choice. that banning it from indoors in public and 100ft from entrances is sufficient. yes it's unhealthy, and deadly but so is waking up every morning. non smokers should be happy it's come this far, let the smokers be. or shut down big Tobacco companies period. end of story


  • By: gyungsang

    People, American people, have the right to choose how to live their lives. With increased regulations, our rights decrease and will eventually disappear.

    Businesses and people alike should have the right to choose whether smoking is allowed. We are free to choose where we work and we should be able to choose where we smoke. Within reason of course.

    I was at McCarran airport recently and enjoyed my last cigarette indoors. It was nice.