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Free Derma ProMedics Trial Supply (S&H)

Botox can erase wrinkles by relaxing the muscles in areas of the face where lines form due to frequent contractions such as around the mouth, between the brows, on the forehead, and at the edges of the eyes. These lines are evidence of frowning or worrying, but they're also reminders of all the times we've smiled and laughed. When you choose Botox, you not only erase those memories but also make it difficult to express yourself facially in future. Doctors encourage patients to express themselves verbally with statements like "this makes me happy" or "I feel angry" so that friends and family can begin to guess how those close to them feel.

A facelift can lift and tighten the skin for a refreshed appearance, smoothing wrinkles and lifting features slightly. People who choose facelifts may appear younger, but can also appear surprised or somewhat alien. Risks of surgery also include tissue death from surgical manipulation, infection, and even death from improper use of anaesthetics.

Instead of risking your health, losing your facial character, and spending hundreds or even thousands on surgery or Botox, you can turn back the clock with Derma ProMedics. Derma ProMedics provides advanced anti-wrinkle skincare that gently restores, smoothes, and tightens skin by restoring moisture naturally.

As humans age, their bodies produce less collagen and elastin, two proteins responsible locking in moisture, encouraging cell turnover, and fortifying skin's elasticity. Derma ProMedics encourages skin to produce more elastin and collagen, making skin smoother and more flexible.

Discover the powerful anti-aging power of Derma ProMedics with a free trial supply that's yours to test for two weeks. Cancel the trial to pay nothing further or continue improving the appearance of your skin daily after you've had a chance to see results. Order your free trial supply of Derma ProMedics for only the cost of shipping.

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