• By: suzieq227

    This site is very bad for giving out your information. Everything on their site is Branderoma connected, you are expected to fill out surveys that never end unless you buy from one of the sponsors and then they determine whether you are eligible to receive their (so called) free stuff, which actually isn't free in the first place. If you do not buy something from them, you do not get free stuff. So this is not free stuff. I had to actually spam them from my e-mail account. My friend gave them her cell phone number & they call her daily. If she doesn't answer they leave a message & keep calling back many times a day. They are a real pain in the butt. This is not a good site to deal with unless you want the total aggravation. If I click on to a site that pops up with the Branderoma name on it, I immediately close the window, PERIOD.