Epilepsy Awareness Ribbons


Ribbons For Kellsey, Inc. began as a family goal. Kellsey was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2007 and her family set a goal to distribute 500 ribbons in November of 2011, 100 for every year since her diagnosis. The family had found that there was a stigma associated with epilepsy and they wanted to do their part to increase awareness. No one should fear epilepsy; they should not have to hide, they have to be brave! Kellsey's family could be pitiful or they could be powerful, they chose powerful!

Ribbons For Kellsey, Inc. began opening doors and increasing awareness worldwide. In just that one short month they distributed over 2,000 ribbons. They were making a difference and knew that they must continue their mission to increase awareness for epilepsy.

The first Candy Bar Bingo event was held in February of 2012 and far exceeded capacity. The second Candy Bar Bingo event was even larger! Candy Bar Bingo is now an annual event held the last Saturday of every February. The support of family, friends and the community has created an even larger mission and they are so excited about their future. They are a qualified 501 (c)(3) organization and ran 100% by volunteers.

They are providing HOPE, Helping Other People with Epilepsy. Stigmas are being removed, awareness for epilepsy is improving and they are making a difference.

You can sign up for free epilepsy awareness ribbons at their website. Specify the number of ribbons needed on the online form.

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