Sour Patch Kids $1,500 Candy Prize Giveaway


There was a time that children learned that the tongue could sense 4 tastes: sweet, salty, sour, and bitter. There was even a map that outlined where humans sense each flavor on their tongue, making it easy to understand how taste works. The simple answer isn't always the best, and now we know that those areas are just more sensitive to tastes. We also know that umami, the fifth flavor, creates a savory sensation on the palate that indicates the presence of certain proteins.

The sour flavor is one that balances out spicy, bitter, or sweet flavors for a more balanced flavor experience. In most culinary dishes, it's a squeeze of lemon or a teaspoon of vinegar that creates zest and enhances their saltiness. Spicy curries often benefit from a dollop of yogurt, as the sour flavor counteracts any uncomfortable heat.

Anyone who's ever tried Sour Patch Kids candies knows that they're in for a crazy ride as the citric acid and sour sugar coating makes their lips pucker and their eyes pop. Once the sour is gone, these colorful candies make for a sweet, chewy treat. According to, Sour Patch Kids were originally shaped like aliens and called Mars Men, but were relaunched as Sour Patch Kids in 1985. Now available in varieties including Sour Patch Berries, Sour Patch Blue Raspberry, Sour Patch Cherry, Sour Patch Kids Extreme, Sour Patch Extreme, Sour Patch Fruits, Sour Patch Peach, Sour Patch Watermelon, Sour Patch Xploderz, and Sour Patch Kids Popsicles, they've been a part of the Kraft Foods portfolio since 2010.

Do you stick around for the sweet or savor the excitement of the sour? Share your Sour Patch experience for your chance to win $1,500 in Sour Patch Kids candies.

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