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Inside Out & 4 Books for $1 & Free Activity Book

Start fostering a lifelong love of reading in your child with Disney's Early Moments. Sign up now and get four Disney books of your choice for only $1.

Children are already familiar with Disney's colorful characters, high octane music and exciting stories through films like Cars, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, and others. With the introduction of Disney books, Disney's Wonderful World of Reading hopes to turn that love of Disney into a love of reading. Their award-winning collection of movie storybooks feature characters that children already know so that they're entering the world of reading with a friend in tow. Language is easy to understand and the books are full of beautiful artwork, giving children reading confidence as they follow the adventures of Dumbo, Peter Pan, Wall-E, Nemo, 101 Dalmatians, and more.

Register with Disney's Early Moments and you'll receive a new book every month. When you order with this link, you'll also receive a free Disney activity book and four Disney books for only $1 each, shipping included, as well as free Disney ebooks and printable coloring pages. Their library also includes the storybook adaptation of Disney-Pixar's new animated film, Inside Out. Keep your child engaged in learning all year long when you treat them to fun, colorful reading with Disney.

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