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Due to high rates of foreclosure and a poor economy, the real estate market is currently a buyer's market. If you're still renting your home, consider that now is the time to buy a home for a portion of its true value. With free home search from Rent and Own Listings, you can find your perfect home to rent and own in an instant.

Many home owners who wish to sell their property because they'd like to upgrade, downsize, or relocate are finding it difficult to get a decent offer. Especially in the case of a necessary move for work or financial strain, they need the capital from their current home to put a down payment on a new one as quickly as possible. Otherwise, they are spending money on rent or long commutes that they could be using to finance their home; in the worst case, they've already moved and are paying two mortgages at once.

When a house is for sale by the owner and they're eager to sell, there is often an option to rent to own a property. This gives renters an alternative to purchasing a house outright while turning a portion of their monthly rent into an investment in owning their home. Even those with poor credit are eligible to lease to own, and can even repair their credit by choosing the rent to own option.

Visit Rent and Own Listings today to see home listings in your area that are eligible for lease to own and rent to own arrangements. With a minimal down payment, you could use the money you spend on rent to own your home outright. Sign up now to see all the latest listings for free.

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