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There is a hot new buzz word in the nail industry. Like many others, you may be asking yourself what, exactly, are nail wraps? It seems like they are suddenly everywhere. They're featured in magazines, on television shows, on runways, and are being sold in some form in every big box and beauty store across the country. But what are they, and are all of them created equal?

Nail wraps are marketed as an alternative to traditional nail polish that you apply with a brush. They are made from different materials, but are applied over the nail with heat. The best analogy is that they are decorative material that is "shrink wrapped" to your finger or toe nails. They typically last longer than traditional polish and are a great way to get fun, intricate designs that you really cannot achieve in any other way.

While salons experimented with nail art, airbrushing, and nail stamping for years, there was never really a foolproof way to get an array of nail designs that appealed to everyone. Those that did offer these services had to charge an arm and a leg for it due to the expertise and time required to complete the work. Because of this, most people opted to skip the fancy designs and stick with solid colors or French manicures.

But with the advent of nail wraps, there are now ways to achieve the look salons have been trying to perfect without the time and hassle. Some wraps are still made to be applied in a salon by a professional, but the growing trend is in less expensive wraps that can be applied at home. But the manufacturers vary. Some produce wraps made of polish while others focus on more durable materials like vinyl. Some last longer and have far more design options that others. So how do you know which of these is right for you?

Jamberry Nail wraps offer the best of all worlds. With over 350 designs and a durable material that is easy to work with, you get a long lasting product that doesn't break the bank. Unlike competing wraps sold in stores, Jamberry Nails are made of vinyl. They don't dry out once the package is opened, last for up to two weeks on fingers and six on toes, and each sheet can be used for two to three applications. Sign up for a free sample today.

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