Create Your Own Clipbooks Online for Free


Cliptomize is not just an online tool, an app or even a website. It is a place where people go to be creative and express themselves, no matter what their interests and passions are. It was created and is operated by people just like you, who were looking for a place such as this. When they could not find it, they ended up building it. If you can dream it, you can truly do it.

It is easy to put a clipbook together yourself, using your own words, images and even video, and they will provide you with both templates and graphic elements. They want to help you to not only get started, but to make certain you will be happy with the end result. More than anything else, they want you to have fun!

If you have something to say, something to show, something to share, they have room for your message, your recipes or your stories. In fact, a clipbook on Cliptomize can be whatever you want it to be. If you are on a journey to become a writer, share your stories in a clipbook. If you want to share your recipes, create a cookbook. If you want to collect and share memories, then go ahead and make a scrapbook. Your imagination is your limit, and they constantly get surprised by the wonderfully imaginative ways Cliptomize is being used. This place truly is like a writer's den, library and bookstore all wrapped into one new, virtual experience. And being digital certainly does not make clipbooks less real.

Not everything in life happens in just a few seconds. This is your place for taking some time out for yourself to create something that has a special meaning to you. Share it with friends, family and the world. Or keep it to yourself and a few, special people. Just like you decide what your clipbook is about, you decide how to use it.

There is no need for any installation, it is very easy to use and you will also get many backgrounds and clip art for free. Get started today.


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