Photo Beta Testing Opportunity


The difference between a professional photographer and a hobbyist can be very slight, but it's an important distinction. As a professional photographer, your reputation not only relies on your ability to take high-quality photographs, but also in how you organize and deliver those photographs to your clients. If you're a professional looking for solution that allows you to store, manage and deliver your work to clients in a more convenient manner for all involved, Centercode has a great opportunity for you.

Centercode is recruiting professional photographers for a beta test of a desktop application designed for photography professionals who need an innovative way to store, manage and deliver photographs to their clients. As a participant in this beta test, you will have a chance to experience this product's customizable features and unique UI. Based on your experiences and feedback, this product will then undergo any final changes needed to ensure that this software offers the most comprehensive solution to your photography and business needs.

Remember, being a beta test volunteer means devoting time daily to being engaged in testing and providing feedback into the Centercode system. If you are unwilling or unable to commit to these requirements and participate in the beta test to the best of your ability, do not apply for this opportunity.


Full- or part-time professional photographer with a website and logo representing your business
Owner of a Mac or PC running OS X v10.6 or higher OR Windows XP or higher with a current version of Adobe AIR installed

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States


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