Lullaby CD (Show off your pregnant belly!)

Would you like a soothing CD of lillaby songs for you and your baby to enjoy?

The pride that comes with being a new or expecting mother can't be expressed in words, and many women are now preserving that pride for all to see. Submit your pictures and receive a free award-winning lullaby CD for your family to enjoy.

Visit the Proud Belly website to find out how you can receive your free CD gift.

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  • Canada
  • United States

  • By: sweet_heather_82

    This is really cool, I sent over a picture of the belly cast I made when I was pregnant. Thanks!

  • By: tweety101

    sweet heather 82, I thought that was the most awesome site! I wish someone had thought of that years ago when I was pregnant!!!

  • By: zxcvbnmasdfghjkl

    i am sorry that you where pregnant

  • By: tweety101

    What kind of comment is that? I'm not sorry!!!

  • By: s_zaleski

    Very cool site

  • By: bmlehman

    I wish that I could find a reasonably cheap belly cast kit... there's no place around where I live that has them except for one and they are EXPENSIVE!

  • By: iluvfatbones

    Can you get it if you're fat? I like to listen to lullabies while I eat my Smucker's jams and jellies.