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Chips Ahoy! Taste Test Gift Card

Since Oreo cookies debuted in 1912, over 362 billion have been sold, positioning them the best-selling cookie in the United States. If it weren't for the fact that Chips Ahoy was also a Nabisco product, the two best-selling cookies in the United States would be pitted against each other in the battle for total snacking domination.

Nabisco Biscuit has more than a 33 percent share of the domestic cookie market, baking the top seven brands. Both Oreo and Chips Ahoy are not only popular in the United States, but are also wildly successful in countries around the world.

Chips Ahoy may be popular, but that doesn't mean that Nabisco's research and development department isn't constantly striving to find new flavors, packaging and advertising ideas to stay relevant to sweet-loving snackers. For every success they've achieved, there's a failed product like Chips Ahoy! Warm N' Chewy. Designed to replicate the temperature and freshness of oven-baked cookies, Nabisco was forced to take the product off supermarket shelves at an estimated cost of $17 million when they just didn't catch on with consumers.

Both the Nabisco R&D and marketing teams rely upon consumer opinions to best represent current products and develop new ones. Vote on your favorite cookies and participate through the link below to receive a $25 gift card for your next cookie shopping spree.

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