Beta Testing Opportunity for Next Parent


Next Parent is a revolutionary service for technology-assisted parenting of today's digitally-connected children of all ages. It enables the important need for parents to easily see with a glance, what their children are doing online, talk with them to supervise, mentor and keep them safe in a digital connected environment.

Additionally, it provides an automated way to track and limit the amount of recreation time they spend online, using gaming devices and when they need to sleep. It is neither a filter nor a parental control product and has privacy settings for older teenagers.

This beta trial will last for two weeks and is their final beta program before commercial release.


Families with 1-4 children with at least one computer (preferably more) and/or game consoles.
Platforms: Windows PC (XP/Vista/7/8)
Home LAN Ethernet or WiFi network and broadband/high speed internet


All participants who complete the Beta trial in full will be eligible to receive a free complete subscription to the Next Parent software suite for 12 months (including upgrades).
A greater understanding of your children's online activities and an improvement in their time management and use of internet.
Access to a growing crowd-sourced list of the best educational and edutainment websites on the web.

Apply for the Next Parent testing opportunity today.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States


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