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Free Halloween Giveaways & iPad 2 from Plink - Expired Listing

Led by some of the internet's top IT, marketing and social media pioneers, Plink is a unique rewards program that benefits members for their offline spending. Now with over 35,000 retailing and restaurant partners, it's easy to earn Plink points towards free gift cards, charitable donations and more.

While most rewards programs encourage online shopping and the completion of surveys, Plink's loyalty platform connects social media and online marketing efforts to offline sales. Plink is an online-to-offline loyalty program that rewards members for dining and shopping at their favorite national restaurants and stores. By having Plink members securely link the credit or debit card of their choice to their account, they've solved the problem of how to track points earned. Every time a purchase is made at top chains like Arby's, Burger King, Dunkin' Donuts, Quiznos, Red Robin and Taco Bell, Plink points are automatically added to the account of the member's card scanned.

Ultra light and slim, the Apple iPad 2 offers portability, entertainment, and ease of use. Click, drag, pinch, and zoom with the touch of a finger. Communicate face-to-face with Apple's Face Time app, or take funny pictures with the silly Photo Booth app. Watch movies, Face book with friends, and play interactive games like the incredibly popular Angry Birds.

Plink rewards can be used at Amazon.com, The Gap, Home Depot, iTunes, Nike and Target. To start earning points, simply sign up online and securely add a debit or credit card. Use that card when you buy at one of 35,000 locations nationwide to earn points for free. Sign up to Plink today and you'll be entered to win the grand prize of an iPad 2 or 149 other great Halloween prizes.

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