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Kids Build, Learn & Play Free at ROBLOX

Modern youth has no trouble with the abstract concept of navigating a computer or interacting through the worldwide web, but they still need their parents', caregivers' and teachers' protection when they're playing online. ROBLOX is an online playground for kids where they can play, build and learn in a protected environment.

On days when kids aren't free to take over the living room with a blanket fort, or when they can't nearly afford the LEGO kingdom of their dreams, they can push the limits of construction at ROBLOX. Once they create a character (or avatar), they can start exploring a virtual world that's been constructed by its own players. They can chat, play games, and collaborate on the creative projects of their choice. Unlike the garage or the backyard, the space to build a library, organize a huge game of hide-and-seek, or set up a movie theater on Roblox is infinite. Players can also earn special badges and ROBLOX dollars to use in their online store.

Kids can have fun in a way that's really constructive at ROBLOX. It's free to sign your kids up to play at ROBLOX online.

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