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Win $50,000 to Pay off Your Student Loan - Expired Listing

Since people first began hunting and gathering to survive, offspring learned the skills of survival from their family, tribe, or village. In the age of agriculture, more defined teaching relationships were defined, with apprentices learning skills from masters in exchange for free labor. The modern age saw the gradual blurring of lines between classes, and along with it the increased availability of education. However, it was still common to rise through the ranks of a business from an entry level position without a formally related degree.

Today, there's an increased pressure to hold more than a high school diploma. Parents and family members save their whole lives in order to afford higher education in the hopes that the next generation can enjoy a more successful career and wealthier lifestyle. For those who can't afford tuition in addition to room and board, even with scholarships, there's the option of getting a student loan.

Regardless of how successful alumni are after graduation, they're often sidled with crippling debt, especially if they've studied their Masters or PhD. In 2013, average student debt is over $24,000, with 12 million students borrowing annually. To date, the outstanding debt of student loans is a staggering $1,100,000,000,000, with 14 % of borrowers harboring at least one past due payment.

You've already seen other Americans receiving large checks from Publishers Clearing House on television, and now they're launching a new sweepstakes to help one lucky student pay off their student loan debt in one lump sum. Register with Publishers Clearing House for a chance to win $50,000 to erase your student debt.

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