Gevalia Coffee Sample


Keurig loves coffee as much as you do. Make all of the hot or cold cafe beverages you want, when you want them, without mess or fuss. Save money by making your own coffee, tea, hot chocolates, espressos, cappuccinos, lattes and crema coffee. Never measure again with the Keurig K-Cup, a perfectly measured amount of tea, coffee, chocolate, or milk for each beverage you make. Since each disc has a bar code matched to its contents, your Keurig brewer will automatically know how much brewing time and water is needed and which temperature at which to prepare the beverage.

In 1853, Gevalia began refining the art of luxurious coffee. Gevalia coffees are expertly made with carefully selected beans, ground extra fine, to produce a rich coffee experience in every cup. Today, you can find it in the coffee aisle and in K-Cup form for use in the Keurig brewer, making it easier than ever to sit back and savor the rich, never bitter taste of Gevalia.

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