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McDonald's Restaurants - Win Lunch for a Year

Satisfy your cravings without sacrificing your schedule when you visit McDonald's restaurants. Get your free Big Macs, crispy french fries, iced coffees, and more for free when you win lunch for a year from Consumer Expressions.

McDonald's was a self-service drive-in restaurant in 1948, featuring only nine menu items and 15 cent hamburger. It was Ray Kroc's business savvy that propelled the brand to worldwide success, and made him $3 million in 1965, the year that McDonald's went public. Kroc understood the importance of location, scouting central, high traffic locations from the air. He looked for churches, intersections, malls, and especially schools. The image of Ronald McDonald, the tasty food, and the toy treat in happy meals not only encouraged children to ask to eat there, but also instilled in them a sense of brand loyalty that would last into adolescence and beyond. By maintaining a consistence of quality amongst their locations, McDonald's guarantees the customer that they'll get the same great service and value with each visit, anywhere they are. The McDonald's menu also varies with consumer trends. For example, when Black Friday observance caused a decrease in red meat sales each Friday, McDonald's produced the Filet-O-Fish. In later years, they would produce pizza, a low carb menu, salads, themed McFlurrys, and whatever the market demanded.

Consumer Expressions wants your opinion on everything you buy - from cars to fast food lunches. Complete your profile and complete a fast survey for your chance to win lunch for a year at McDonald's.

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