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Free $100 Little Caesars Gift Card

Submitted By: AmyE on 3/12/2013

Click Here! The legend of pizza starts with the discovery that mixing flour and water with pizza and heating it on a hot stone can produce a delicious crust. Although the exact origins of the recipe are unknown, pizza has been a basic part of the Italian diet since the Stone Age. Since the crust was often used as a plate, the Italians adopted the Greek tradition of using a round shape. This convenient, thrifty food was improved in the 15th century when tomatoes were introduced to the recipe, and became a staple of the Italian diet.

It was the American soldiers returning from World War II who brought with them a craving for the pizza treat they'd enjoyed in Europe. In 1959, husband and wife team Michael and Marian Ilitch invested their life savings in a takeout and delivery pizza business that would thrive on this new food trend. Curiously named Little Caesars, the name Caesar had nothing to do with the history of pizza; instead, it alluded to Marian's nickname for her husband and his competitive spirit.

It was this competitive spirit that drove Little Caesars forward and allowed it to become the largest carry out pizza chain in the world. In the 1960s, the concept of having a restaurant without tables and chairs was unusual, but the reduced overhead of a smaller space allowed Little Caesars to provide quality pizza at a lower price. In 1979, when more carryout chains had opened in the restaurant business, Little Caesars coined their famous "Pizza! Pizza!" slogan to promote their two for one pizza deal. Delivered in one long box, customers could literally see the extra value when they ordered from Little Caesars. They created the popular conveyor oven that baked pizza quickly and consistently so that customers never had to wait long for hot, fresh pizza and opened locations in sports arenas, college dormitories, and military bases. Little Caesars became known for their cheesy Crazy Bread and, in recent years, launched a HOT-N-READY offer that made picking up a pizza breeze.

Go crazy on Crazy Bread, snack on Caesar Wings and order up your favorite toppings for free. Participate on the Ultimate Rewards Site to get a free $100 Little Caesars gift card.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States

Click Here to Get: Free $100 Little Caesars Gift Card

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By: jrrrbear47 on 4/17/2013

Score: 0

Not available in my area. boo-hoo. this after giving them my phone number and address? hope it doesn't lead to spam city!


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