Free 3M H-700 Series Hard Hat - Business Only


Experience for yourself the lightweight comfort of the H-700 and H-800 series hard hat, now available with the Uvicator Sensor, that alerts you when it's time to replace your hard hat due to extended UV light exposure.

3M H-700 and H-800 Series Hard Hat with Uvicator Sensor are lightweight hard hats that offer extended comfort and protection, and also features a sensor that changes color as the hard hat is exposed to UV light.

The sun's UV rays can cause a hard hat shell to become brittle and compromise its ability to protect the wearer. With the Uvicator sensor, wearers know it's time for a replacement when the sensor changes from red to white.

The 3M H-700 and H-800 Series Hard Hat are available with a 4-point ratchet or pinlock suspension and an optional 6-point strap.

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