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Complimentary Box of Bounce or Snuggle Dryer Sheets

Even the small things can make the difference to your daily life. From a thoughtful note in your lunch bag to finding a full tank of gas when you thought you were near empty, there are so many ways to show your family that you care. If you're paying attention to the television, these gestures always involve a product; sending your kid to college with a supply of Kraft Dinner, giving your kid a laptop to help them learn to read, gifting jewelry on anniversaries and holidays, or surprising the family with a trip to Disney World.

Companies spend millions of dollars on advertising how their products improve lives, and this includes dryer sheets. Designed to keep clothes soft and fresh and eliminate static cling, marketing teams introduce added benefits, choose new angles on campaigns, and promote savings in the form of coupons and club packs to make sure that their brand comes out on top.

In the battle for dryer sheet dominance, Bounce and Snuggle duke it out for whose product will deliver the benefits that consumers are looking for. Snuggle Blue Sparkle with Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets are made with their trademarked Fresh Release system, which promises to release fresh, uplifting scents not just when you first put on your clothes, but all day long. This special formula infuses clothes with little lifts of just-washed scent for freshness on the move. Instead of using new technology, Bounce makes dryer sheets that claim to repel pet hair and lint while also softening clothes, and controlling static. Both companies have a variety of scents to choose from and both offer scent-free, dye-free alternatives for those with allergies or sensitive skin.

Your choice of dryer sheet matters to the companies that rely on brand loyalty. Participate in the survey and special offers on the OnDemand Research website for a complimentary sample pack of dryer sheets from Snuggle or Bounce.

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