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Drive America Sweepstakes - Expired Listing

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With their new contest, a lucky winner could be the proud owner of a new car. For a single person entering the workforce or a young couple making it work in the big city, a small, fuel-efficient hatchback like a Toyota Yaris is a wonderful choice. Affordable payments on an economy car mean that you could use your monthly car allowance towards fuel and maintenance instead of lease payments. For a burgeoning family, a minivan like the Honda Odyssey is not only safe and roomy, but also packed with extras like entertainment screens and convertible seating. Although it's more visually appealing than its road counterparts, many shoppers aren't willing to give up the versatility and ruggedness of a pickup truck. Options like the Ford F-150 are great for navigating rugged terrain, hauling a trailer, and letting your family cruise in comfortable style.

Visitors at MegaJackpot4Life will find only the best sweepstakes and contests. Their team carefully tests the integrity of each website they link to.

Whatever your dream, it can be yours with the Drive America Sweepstakes. It's free to enter and win $500/month for life.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States

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