In 1929, the Brazilian government asked Nestle to help find a solution to their coffee surplus. It took seven years, but in 1936, Max Morgenthaler, a Swiss scientist, perfected the world's first soluble coffee. Two months after the launch of Nestle's new product, NESCAFE sales exceeded the forecast for the entire year, and two years later, NESCAFE was available worldwide.

To this day, NESCAFE continues to innovate and pursues its passion of finding new ways for coffee lovers to enjoy their favorite cup. New from Nescafe, Memento is an instant hot beverage that is made with real non-fat milk infused with air bubbles. The result is lasting coffeehouse foam plus the real coffeehouse experience of coffee, milk, and sugar. Best of all, this smooth, creamy coffee is only 100 calories per cup.

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