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Dead Sea Three-Step Beauty System (S&H) - Expired Listing

Discover the secret that scientists, celebrities, and dermatologists already know - the rejuvenating powers of the Dead Sea. Get a free Dead Sea Beauty Kit and see how, in three simple steps, you can rejuvenate and improve the look of your skin.

Decades of medical research and numerous studies have proven the efficacy of Dead Sea mud, salt, and minerals in preventing and treating various diseases such as rheumatism, acne, psoriasis, eczema and joint diseases. A recent study by Israel's Shemer Medical Center even reported that Dead Sea minerals can help improve exercise performance and get a more restful sleep.

No matter how well you treat your skin, environmental and natural factors cause skin to lose elasticity and moisture. Skin stops replenishing its natural stores of the minerals responsible for renewing, plumping, and moisturizing skin. Dead Sea minerals are nature's unique supplement for keeping healthy skin. The minerals essential to well-functioning skin - Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium - naturally attract and retain moisture.

The Dead Sea Beauty Kit includes smoothing eye gel, moisturizing cream, and nourishing cream all contain mineral extracts and salts. Save money on expensive facials with an at-home system that will give you amazing results. Request your free two week trial supply and pay only shipping through the link below.

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