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Free Pair of Shoes from TOMS - Expired Listing

Wearing TOMS shoes looks as good as it feels thanks to quality craftsmanship and a dedication to making the world a better place. Every time TOMS sells a pair of shoes, they share a gift of new shoes with a child in Argentina who doesn't have a pair of their own.

Founded 2006 by Blake Mycoskie, TOMS shoes were inspired by the alpargata shoe. Believed to be a descendant of the Egyptian sandal, the lightweight, breathable canvas shoe has been worn by Argentineans since the mid nineteenth century. Fitting snugly on the foot, they're comfortable walking shoes and are an ideal, compact travel shoe.

Although they look fantastic in navy blue on the deck of a sailboat, TOMS can be found in gold or silver on the feet of women who prefer to dance in flats, in corduroy on hip students, or in vegan designs manufactured for ethical shoppers. Participate through the link below and you can get a pair of TOMS in your favorite style for free.

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  • By: bonnieswayngim@g

    I am a die hard "Tom's Shoes' fan. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what they do, what they stand for and in my little way try to give back as much as possible thru there Co. I just went through this entire thing justifying that the Things I was signing up for was something I needed anyways, and something I was gonna do so why not now? $200.00's later and I have NO FREE "Toms Shoes" I am $200.00's poorer....Be VERY careful, Toms shoes isnt a part of this and are not responsible in anyway. I am sure of that. But someone is and should take responsibility. I am OK with what I did because I didn't lie to myself about what I "NEEDED" and what I "REALLY" was going to do anyways so I accomplished stuff on my to do ist and really did't get taken for any cash at all. But i can see how if you were doing all the things they asked and jumped through the hoops and got to the end and was really counting on the FREE shoes to be there and bam! The screen says nothing and your posting on some site at 11:00 at night about free shoes. LOL Be careful gal's and guy's.


    • By: mrsbarton

      I don't usually trust anything posted by AmyE. Most of her posts are participation required. Or require s&h, or are phishing schemes. I would make sure none of your accounts are being hacked.


  • By: tla22445