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Free Samsung Galaxy S3 - Test & Keep - Expired Listing

Although the Samsung Galaxy S3 has already been designed and will soon head into production, Samsung remains tight-lipped about the improvements on their new smartphone. Be the first to find out when you test and keep the new Samsung Galaxy S3 for free.

The Samsung S2 was well-loved for being lightweight, thanks to feather-light hardware. While much of the hardware is rumored to remain the same for the S3, it's also possible that Samsung will be upgrading the look and feel of their Galaxy with two-tone ceramic casing. The most exciting news is that the Korean-based manufacturer may have been looking into producing a water-resistant phone, making their super slim phone a tough competitor for the iPhone.

When the phone becomes available, Samsung will need to be prepared for user feedback that could change their manufacturing details. For example, early Galaxy S2 users encountered chronic issues with auto-brightness settings that were quickly remedied for a wider release. You could be a part of changing the technology you use every day when you test and keep this new phone for free. Participate on the Gadget Masters website to review and keep a Samsung Galaxy S3.

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