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Reverse Classifieds at Ubokia - Free to Post - Expired Listing

Most families have something around their home that they no longer use or is taking up too much space. In homes with children, there is a constant cycle of clothing and toys as kids outgrow them, wear them out, or change their interests. Online classified sites are full of items for sale or to give away, but sorting through them can be very time-consuming and disappointing. At Ubokia, you simply post what you're looking for and the sellers will contact you.

There is usually a large number of classifieds for people seeking to sell large items that require truck transport. Bookshelves, beds, mattresses, couches are available at very low prices, and often go unclaimed for months. With Ubokia, you can benefit by posting for the exact furniture item you want and request that it be delivered; if the seller doesn't have a truck, you can post that you need someone with a truck to help you get your new used item.

Request books, athletic gear in your size, and anything else you think you'll need in the coming months. Save time and money when you buy used on Ubokia.

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