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Free Next Generation Console - Expired Listing

The first gaming console from Microsoft, the Xbox changed the way video games were played when it was released in 2001. When the Nintendo Wii was released in 2006, players marveled at the technology that allowed them to channel more physical movement than ever into their game plays. In the same year, Sony matched the internet connectivity of the Nintendo unit with the Playstation 3 and added Blu-ray storage and capabilities. As game consoles evolve to meet the demanding needs of the serious gamer and modern family, more is expected in hardware, systems, and games.

Although both Sony and Microsoft have been tight-lipped about their next generation of consoles, details about the Wii U have been causing a lot of excitement. Their new touch screen controller allows for play with or without the television, stylus control, and precision motion control. It's predicted that like the Wii U, both the new PS4 and Xbox 720 will have full high definition graphics. Modeled on achieving the ultimate in 3D technology, reports state that the Xbox 720 will use new Ultra HD and will employ artificial intelligence to give each character a unique, individual personality.

Sony's Playstation 3 has sold over fifty million video consoles, the Wii sold 4.5 million units in the U.S. in 2011, and the Xbox 360 sold 1.7 million units on Black Friday alone. Participate at the Consumer Rewards website to receive the new gaming unit of your choice.

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