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Youth Renewal and Anti-Aging eBook

Even though environmental factors are leading causes of wrinkles, discoloration, and dryness, the fact is that your body's natural ability to regenerate and produce natural stores of proteins like collagen and elastin simply lessens with age. With knowledge from Fit & Fab Living, you can alter your lifestyle to achieve a more youthful appearance naturally.

The editors at Fit & Fab Living have thousands of articles on fitness, fashion, and diet, as well as essential articles on skin care. They have articles on antioxidant-rich foods that will curb the impact of free radicals on your skin, how you can increase your intake of the cartenoids that act as natural sunblock, and herbal detoxifiers that will help rid your body of damaging agents like mercury. From how to handle a pimple to how to choose the right exfoliator, Fit & Fab Living has all of the insider tips. Little things like drinking lemon water to increase your melatonin production will be just as helpful as learning that the rate of cell regeneration depends on how much you sleep.

Beyond tips for a healthy diet and effective workouts, they also cover fashion tips for acne sufferers, sunbathers, and women struggling to find the right shade of concealer. Instead of being discouraged by looking in the mirror, they'll help you feel more confident about the skin you have now so that you'll be encouraged to keep working on it.

Fit and Fab can help you achieve you get more youthful, glowing skin with the expert know-how compiled in their new eBook. Sign up for your free Anti-Aging Health & Beauty Tips eBook from Fit & Fab Living today.

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