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Free Pair of Nike Air Jordan Retro Concords - Expired Listing

When Michael Jordan debuted his colored Air Jordans, the league responded by banning them. However, this wasn't before the nation got excited about a new style of basketball shoe and gave the Nike brand spectacular exposure. For over a decade, the basketball icon and Nike would continue to push the limits of sneaker performance, build, material, and color.

Debuted during his comeback at the 1995 NBA semi finals, wearing the black and white Concord Air Jordans cost Jordan $5,000 a game in league fines because his team was supposed to wear all-black sneakers. It also upset Nike as they hadn't even begun to produce the shoe and had asked that Jordan wait to wear them until they were ready. However, the sneaker achieved iconic status due to its revolutionary addition of shiny patent leather mudguard. Lightweight and less prone to stretching than genuine leather, it was popularized as a more formal sneaker by pop group Boyz II Men.

One of the most popular sneakers of all time, the retro release of the Concord happened within five years, and continues to be an annual success for Nike. The shoes sell out and increase dramatically in value when signed by their designer Tinker Hatfield. Get your free pair of the iconic Air Jordan Concords worn by #23 with participation through the link below.

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