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The Last War Crime Movie Bumper Sticker

Submitted By: babybarnplus on 1/19/2012

Click Here! A couple weeks ago PeaceTeam was stunned to receive an email from, that they had preemptively censored one of their preview clips from the upcoming feature film, "The Last War Crime". The notice didn't give a specific reason and provided no avenue for appeal. Then they tried to log onto their YouTube page and were confronted with this notice, accusing the clip of containing nudity.

Of course it does not. The actor playing the detainee wore a swimmer's style bathing suit the entire time, and they positioned the female interrogator character so that view of his midriff was blocked entirely in any case. And if they are complaining this scene is sexually suggestive, they need to ban half the rest of the movies on their site.

In point of fact, the purpose of this scene is to condemn the practice of waterboarding, long recognized to be a form of torture unequivocally. And in particular, they wanted to remind everyone that the sexual taunting of helpless and mostly innocent captives in places like Abu Ghraib was a deliberate part of a de facto program to degrade people in violation of the Geneva Conventions.

Shame on YouTube for censoring this clip, which they believe, and they think you will agree, is part of an important cultural and artistic statement of social commentary. And shame on them further for doing so in such a summary and authoritarian manner, with no provision anywhere to challenge this outrageously wrongful act of unilateral censorship.

They'll see you in real theatres real soon for the world premiere of the movie with the courage to speak these truths, "The Last War Crime".

Sign up for your free bumper sticker today.

There is no charge for this, not even shipping, and all you have to do is submit the online form by clicking on the "FREE bumper sticker" link at the bottom of their webpage.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States

Click Here to Get: The Last War Crime Movie Bumper Sticker

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