MassUp Social Cycling System Stickers


Smartphones can use directly to see flyers and notes, weather and maps, monitor chatter, post GPS, even upload photos. Texting users can get location and map on demand, weather and notes, follow chatter and post, even use Twitter and more. Users can also interact by email, web, even by voice. meets the mobile needs of facilitators, participants and followers. It's served the World Naked Bike Ride and Chicago Critical Mass for years. For such events, open broadcast of mass location helps stragglers find their way, assists drivers and police with traffic control, networks production staff, enables non-participants to enjoy from afar, and tells spectators where to be. It also suits other types of events and social happenings.

Beyond futuristic geolocation, messaging, aggregating, image and voice capabilities, extended features include uploads, voting, counting, cuing, admin ops and more. It can supplement or replace printing, phone trees and radios. It's powerful yet appears simple, and can serve multiple simultaneous events. The technologies could also be applied to promotional, production and management, commercial and industrial, maintenance and security uses. is a brainchild of Andrew Bedno.

Over the years he has made several stickers for bicycling causes. Just ask and he will mail you some.

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